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Success Story: Nashville Computer’s Triumph with Cork’s Cyber Warranty and Monitoring Platform

Charles Henson, Owner of Nashville Computer, recently shared his success story during a Cork webinar. Nashville Computer, an MSP deeply committed to robust cybersecurity practices, has significantly benefited from integrating Cork’s cyber warranty and monitoring platform into their service offerings.

The Journey to Success

Long-standing Experience and Expertise

Charles Henson started at Nashville Computer in 1991 and has grown the company from a part-time role to a leading MSP. Over 30 years, Nashville Computer has evolved by integrating advanced backup, disaster recovery, and security solutions, ensuring clients receive top-tier service.

Focus on Security and Compliance

At Nashville Computer, security is non-negotiable. Charles emphasized that their MSP services include a comprehensive security suite. They refuse to engage clients who don’t prioritize security, thus minimizing liability and ensuring only high-quality partnerships.

Adopting Marketing Strategies

Collaboration with marketing experts like Robin Robinson allowed Nashville Computer to grow exponentially, achieving significant revenue increases by strategically marketing their security-first services.

Integrating Cork’s Solutions

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Nashville Computer joined the Cork Partner Community and quickly integrated Cork’s cyber warranty and monitoring platform. The seamless API integration enabled Charles and his team to monitor client systems in real-time, identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing overall security hygiene.

“What I love about Cork is it has the API integration. With the API integration, it looks at our clients and our MSP, highlighting areas needing attention,” Charles explained. “It teaches us to maintain better hygiene when onboarding clients and ensures no leftover vulnerabilities.”

Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

With Cork, Nashville Computer could proactively address issues such as outdated software and misconfigurations, reducing the risk of cyber threats. Charles highlighted a specific instance where Cork notified them of a zero-day vulnerability in Palo Alto firewalls, allowing immediate action to protect clients.

“Cork is always the first to notify us of any vulnerabilities. This allows us to take immediate action, ensuring our clients’ systems are secure,” said Charles.

Raccoon working on computer looking over cybersecurity.

Financial Safeguards and Client Trust

Cork’s warranty provided an added layer of financial protection. In one case, a client fell victim to a payroll scam, but Cork’s warranty covered the loss, reinforcing client trust and showcasing Nashville Computer’s commitment to comprehensive protection.

Key Results:


Increased Revenue and Client Satisfaction:

Charles reported that offering Cork’s warranty separately from their managed services agreement allowed for clear value differentiation and profitability tracking. Clients appreciated the transparency and additional protection, making it an easy sell.


Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management:

Nashville Computer utilized Cork to review and enhance clients’ cyber liability policies, ensuring adequate coverage and compliance. This proactive approach further solidified their position as trusted advisors rather than mere service providers.


Building Long-Term Relationships:

By leveraging Cork’s solutions, Nashville Computer not only protected their clients but also built long-term, trust-based relationships. Clients viewed them as integral parts of their IT departments, fostering loyalty and continuous engagement.

“The integration was seamless, and the value to our clients was immediately apparent. It’s one of the easiest sales conversations I’ve had”

Charles Henson, Owner of Nashville Computer

Conclusion: Enhancing Service Increased Growth

Charles Henson’s partnership with Cork has been a transformative journey for Nashville Computer. By integrating Cork’s cyber warranty and monitoring platform, they enhanced their service offerings, ensured robust client protection, and achieved significant business growth. For MSPs seeking to elevate their cybersecurity services, Nashville Computer’s success story with Cork serves as an inspiring example.

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