Cork Partner Success Stories

Innovative Technology Solutions Takes its Cybersecurity Practice to New Heights with Cork

In today’s rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, businesses require innovative and robust technology solutions to safeguard their digital assets against ever-evolving threats.

Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS), which is based in North Carolina and led by CEO Chris Bond, was among the first managed service providers (MSPs) to integrate Cork’s cyber warranty solutions into its cybersecurity stack. The integration of Cork’s Cyber Warranty proved to be a game-changer for ITS and its clients and it represents a significant milestone in their journey to protect against cyber threats.

Overcoming Key Challenges

Driving Strategic Growth through Cybersecurity

ITS was determined to grow its business while prioritizing the safety and security of its clients against cyber threats and faced several challenges.


First, they needed to differentiate themselves within the highly competitive MSP market by offering advanced cybersecurity solutions that enable their clients to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape.


Next, they had to convince their clients of the importance and value associated with implementing these advanced cybersecurity measures.


Finally, ITS wanted to educate clients about the differences between cyber warranty and cyber insurance and how the two complement each other to provide comprehensive protection.

“Unlike traditional cybersecurity products, Cork’s solution offered something revolutionary for ITS and its clients – a warranty that protects the business by providing a safety net that ensures financial protection against cyber incidents.”

Chris Bond, CEO ITS

Revolutionizing Business Protection

Cork's Warranty Platform for MSPs

Cork’s purpose-built cyber warranty platform is designed to offer MSPs and their clients’ peace of mind and reduce cyber risk with near-instant financial coverage and settlements in the aftermath of security incidents. The warranty is backed by an inside-out approach to active risk monitoring, detection, and remediation, using real-time data telemetry to underwrite the cyber risk of the protected environment. This approach gives MSPs like ITS timely insights that enable quick action.

“Unlike traditional cybersecurity products, Cork’s solution offered something revolutionary for ITS and its clients – a warranty that protects the business by providing a safety net that ensures financial protection against cyber incidents,” said Bond. “Cork’s innovative and forward-thinking cyber warranty offering was the perfect fit for ITS. It enabled us to offer our clients something above and beyond what they were getting with other providers.”

Deepening Relationships & Building Trust

The ITS & Cork Success Story

Through its partnership with Cork, ITS addressed the initial challenge of enhancing its cybersecurity offerings head-on. Reflecting on the journey, Bond said, “Partnering with Cork allowed us to elevate our cybersecurity solutions to new heights. Their Cyber Warranty product enriches our portfolio and provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing they are protected financially from cyber threats.”

One example of ITS’s success with Cork was for one of its healthcare clients. “Our partnership with Cork enabled the client to secure an additional $1 million in cyber insurance coverage while saving about $2,000 annually on its cyber insurance premiums, all without sacrificing the comprehensiveness of their cybersecurity protection,” explained Bond.

Through its partnership with Cork, ITS has not only managed to strengthen its cybersecurity offerings but has also deepened its relationships with clients. “Our partnership with Cork has transformed how we approach cybersecurity,” Bond added. “We’ve been able to successfully demonstrate to them that it’s not just about preventing attacks; it’s about gaining their trust by ensuring they are fully protected, from technical defenses to financial safeguards like cyber warranty.”


For MSPs looking to expand their cybersecurity offerings but unsure of what to add next, the collaboration between ITS and Cork illustrates the significance of the cyber warranty innovation, the advantages of including a cyber warranty within the security stack, and the potential to significantly improve client satisfaction and business growth.

“Our collaboration with ITS exemplifies how embracing innovative cybersecurity solutions can not only address current challenges but also pave the way for new opportunities,” said Carlson Choi, CEO of Cork. “It’s a testament to the power of forward-thinking partnerships in the battle against cyber threats and a beacon for MSPs striving to provide their clients with the best possible protection in a precarious digital world.”

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