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Success Story: How HavenZone Maintains 98% Client Retention and Enhances Protection with Cork's Cybersecurity Solutions

HavenZone, a cybersecurity and managed services provider (MSP), has been safeguarding businesses for nearly 20 years. Founded by Greg Battaglia, HavenZone boasts an impressive 98% client retention rate, demonstrating its commitment to exceptional service and innovative security solutions.

background in HavenZone

HavenZone's Focus On Undeniable Service

Greg Battaglia started HavenZone with a team of tech-savvy professionals, focusing on providing top-notch support rather than aggressive sales tactics. This approach, combined with strong client relationships and word-of-mouth referrals, has been instrumental in HavenZone’s growth and client retention. Greg explains, “The retention really came from the guys that all started the company. We were all technicians originally, not salespeople, so we put more emphasis on the support level we provided to clients.”

the problem

Growing Cybersecurity Threats

Despite the strong foundation, Greg faced significant cybersecurity challenges as cyber threats evolved. Email phishing attacks and ransomware became more sophisticated, and smaller businesses, often overlooked by larger insurance providers, were increasingly vulnerable. HavenZone and their clients saw a big uptick in email attacks. Phishing attacks are getting a lot more sophisticated, and people fall for them frequently. “MFA is a crucial defense, even if it’s annoying, because it significantly reduces the risk of breaches,” Greg notes.

the solution

Creating An Even Greater Security Offering

HavenZone partnered with Cork to enhance its cybersecurity offerings. Cork’s comprehensive intelligent monitoring platform provided the necessary tools to monitor client environments proactively, identify vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with the latest security standards. The warranty provided the safety net that most of their clients needed. This partnership allowed HavenZone to offer clients robust cyber warranty coverage, previously difficult to obtain due to stringent requirements and high costs.

“Cork’s offering fits well with our client base. Many of our clients don’t have any type of coverage right now, and Cork provided us an opportunity to get our clients the protection they were missing.”

Key Results:


98% Client Retention Rate:

HavenZone’s client-centric approach and enhanced security measures contributed to maintaining an outstanding retention rate.


Improved Security Posture:

By integrating Cork’s intelligent monitoring platform, HavenZone could provide clients with a clear view of their security status, identify gaps, and take corrective actions swiftly.


Increased Client Trust:

The ability to offer comprehensive cyber warranty coverage reassured clients, especially SMBs, of their protection against cyber threats.

Additional benefits for clients

Client Education and Awareness

A significant part of HavenZone’s success has been educating clients about the evolving threat landscape. Greg emphasizes the importance of this approach, sharing that, “A lot of it comes down to showing clients how much they can really lose. Sharing stories about phishing and ransomware attacks helps them understand the risks and the importance of robust security measures.”

Greg recounts a particularly illustrative incident: “We took over one new client that got hit with a phishing attack that succeeded. The attackers emailed all their clients, saying, ‘This is our new ACH info,’ and got the clients to send over $75,000 to a random bank account. These stories help clients realize they are not too small to be targeted. Attackers cast a wide net, and someone will always slip through.”

Conclusion: Partnering Builds Trust With Clients

HavenZone’s partnership with Cork has significantly enhanced its ability to protect clients from evolving cyber threats. By leveraging Cork’s advanced cybersecurity platform and comprehensive warranty coverage, HavenZone continues to uphold its commitment to exceptional service and client security, ensuring long-term trust and satisfaction.

Greg concludes, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Somebody is going to be attacking you. We are here to help you, the partner, to make sure that we can help you continue to protect your client.”

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