Cork Partner Success Stories

Aegis Technology Partners Strengthens Cyber Defenses with Cork

In the ever-evolving cyber landscape, where threats lurk around every digital corner, Aegis Technology Partners is a fortress of innovation and security. Aegis, co-led by Jay Parisi, a partner and senior engineer with a keen eye for cutting-edge solutions, formed a strategic alliance with Cork to augment its cybersecurity offerings and usher in a new era of cyber resiliency for its SMB clients.

Overcoming Key Challenges

Taking a Strategic Approach to Market Differentiation

For MSPs, the cybersecurity marketplace is highly competitive and requires a unique approach to differentiate oneself from the competition. Aegis Technology Partners faced several challenges in this regard, including the need to understand the complex cybersecurity requirements of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and to educate their clients on the concept of cyber warranties.

The successful introduction of Cork’s Cyber Warranty offering to its clients required a strategic approach to communicating the solution’s value and advantages, including its seamless integration with current cyber insurance policies.

Revolutionizing Business Protection

Cork's Warranty Platform for MSPs

The integration of Cork’s Cyber Warranty into Aegis’s suite of services was a turning point. Cork’s approach provided a warranty that complemented traditional cybersecurity measures with a financial safety net, giving clients a more comprehensive security posture and peace of mind. Aegis found partnering with Cork to be a natural fit, allowing them to offer an innovative solution that highlights their dedication to their clients’ overall digital well-being.

Reinforcing Client Trust

The Aegis and Cork Success Story

Through its collaboration with Cork, Aegis Technology Partners successfully tackled the initial challenges it faced when first introducing the idea of the cyber warranty to its clients. Parisi reflected on the pivotal role of the partnership, saying, “Incorporating Cork’s Cyber Warranty was a strategic move that enhanced our cybersecurity offerings and reinforced our clients’ trust in our capabilities.” 

One example of a successful collaboration was the rapid implementation of Cork’s Cyber Warranty, which improved insurance coverage and gave the client a strategic edge in risk management. This achievement not only highlighted Aegis’s commitment to proactive protection but also solidified its reputation as a reliable cybersecurity partner.

The partnership between Aegis Technology Partners and Cork has resulted in significant benefits. Aegis has expanded its cybersecurity services and strengthened client relationships through reliable and innovative protection strategies. “Our alliance with Cork has truly revolutionized our approach to cyber defense,” said Parisi. “It demonstrates our commitment to not only preventing threats but ensuring comprehensive protection, fortifying our clients against the financial ramifications of cyber incidents.”


Managed Service Providers who are considering integrating advanced cybersecurity solutions can look to Aegis Technology Partners’ success story with Cork as an example of the transformative power of embracing innovation.

“Our partnership with Aegis Technology Partners demonstrates the critical importance of providing comprehensive protection, combining technical security measures with financial safeguards,” said Carlson Choi, CEO of Cork. “It also serves as a blueprint for MSPs seeking to deliver exceptional value and comprehensive security to their clients as they navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

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